Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've been experimenting and it feels beautiful. I love my pinhole camera and I'm having fun creating things and really expanding myself to try things that might fail, and might go terribly wrong. But I think when you take risks, that is when the most surprising things come into existence. I love you my camera, me and you are going to take on the world...

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been such a long time since I've written and for good reason. I've been working like crazy on my photography business and beautiful things are coming to fruition. While I've been working on printing and framing and the day to day things, I've been feeling a deep need to experiment with new photographic techniques. Then came my husband to save the day... for my birthday he surprised me with amazing new lenses for my camera and I am in heaven! With all new new options to explore, I feel like I'm finding my "voice" all over again. I really am at the beginning experimental stages and I can't wait to see what develops. I don't want to force, I'm just letting inspiration settle in naturally.

Monday, May 17, 2010


My husband had friday off from work so we drove up to Orlando to visit his family.  Rio started walking since the last time they saw her so they were so excited to see her running around, my little Miss Independent.  Saturday, my mom and step dad drove up from Miami too and we all went to Disney!  It was hot and there were so many people but we had a good time.  We went on a few rides, we saw a street parade and Rio and I danced with the characters, and Rio really enjoyed her first turkey leg ; )  We got to run around and be big kids for the day.
And let me tell you, Roberto's mom cooked some amazing paella for us on Sunday.  Great way to finish up the weekend before driving back home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

Todays adventure was up in West Palm Beach at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens.  It was a lovely house with almost two acres of gardens and let me tell you, Ann was an amazing sculptor.  She was very passionate about her art and her grand sculptures were throughout the property.  Some of them must have been more then twenty feet high, such amazing work from such a tiny woman.  My mom, Rio and I had the place to ourselves and it was peaceful and full of eye candy for us to take in.  There was also an exhibit inside the main house of found pieces made into sculptures or mixed media artwork, nice, but nothing compared to seeing Ann's studio with dozens of finished and unfinished work, miniature sculptures that would later turn to her large pieces and all of her tools that she used to create.  It was quite inspiring walking into her studio.  She accomplished so much in her life and THAT is something to look up to and aspire to.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today, it was time for a little adventure.  I was on a mission to find the perfect spot to photograph the airplane landings at Miami International Airport- and we succeeded.  I did have a little help from my step dad, but that's okay.  It was amazing watching them coming in one at a time... a tiny spot on the horizon and then the lights come on for the landing.  My grandma lives right next to the airport so when I was a little girl I would always hear the planes while I was trying to fall asleep at night.  I love how they sound and I especially love the places they have taken me.

Happy Mother Day

A big special "Thank You" and "I Love You"  to that special woman in my life.  Mom, thank you for your patience and your guidance.  Thank you for teaching me wisdom and how to bypass what others have to say and follow my heart.  Most importantly, thank you for all the beautiful lessons you have passed on to me, for now I can pass them onto my daughter.  That to me, is the most precious gift of all.
To love, to life, to happiness and to never stop pursuing the biggest of dreams!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fruit and Spice

Today my mom finally flew into town for a visit.  Finally!  So after I picked her up we went to the Fruit and Spice Park all the way down in Homestead about as far south west as you can go in Miami.  What a beautiful afternoon we had.  We walked around a little bit on our own and then we hopped on this trolley for a tour and our tour guide was fantastic.  She was constantly stopping and picking fresh fruit for us to taste.  Some fruit I've never even heard of from all different parts of the world.  Rio was absolutely loving it, she was devouring everything we gave her.  She was in heaven, one thing my little girl loves is her fruit.  My mom was loving it too because when she moves back down here she's planning on adding fruit trees to the back yard.  There's this one tree I love from Brazil, the berries actually grow on the bark of the tree.  It looks amazing and the berry is so sweet and turns a bit sour towards the center. 
I love days like this when I feel like I've really learned something about the world while spending time with the people I love.