Friday, May 7, 2010

Fruit and Spice

Today my mom finally flew into town for a visit.  Finally!  So after I picked her up we went to the Fruit and Spice Park all the way down in Homestead about as far south west as you can go in Miami.  What a beautiful afternoon we had.  We walked around a little bit on our own and then we hopped on this trolley for a tour and our tour guide was fantastic.  She was constantly stopping and picking fresh fruit for us to taste.  Some fruit I've never even heard of from all different parts of the world.  Rio was absolutely loving it, she was devouring everything we gave her.  She was in heaven, one thing my little girl loves is her fruit.  My mom was loving it too because when she moves back down here she's planning on adding fruit trees to the back yard.  There's this one tree I love from Brazil, the berries actually grow on the bark of the tree.  It looks amazing and the berry is so sweet and turns a bit sour towards the center. 
I love days like this when I feel like I've really learned something about the world while spending time with the people I love.

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