Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love...

Things I love...
1.  Seeing my daughters little face when she first wakes up
2.  Having lunch outside on an overcast day
3.  Apples.  Any color, I just looove them
4.  The color green
5.  My husband's calves : )
6.  That first glimpse of the ocean
7.  The smell of vanilla and coconut
8.  Taking a really really hot shower
9.  Sunflowers!
10.  Turkish apple tea
11.  Having a good cry during the sad (or happy) part of a movie
12.  Drawing with my pastels
13.  Funny cards... I never buy anything else
14.  When my daughter calls me baby
15.  flip flops... I live in them
16.  A good glass of red wine
17.  How I feel after a good run
18.  Trying something new that I've never done before
19.  Listening to The Beatles
20.  The feeling you get when you finish a painting

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