Friday, April 30, 2010

Bonnet House

Today, Rio and I drove up to Ft. Lauderdale to explore The Bonnet House Museum and gardens.  I decided to just pay to stroll around the grounds because it was such a gorgeous day and skip the house.  What a lovely place... So much lush foliage and there's a lagoon with a little hut.  I was in heaven taking pictures and Rio was a little angel (thanks to that apple I gave her).  She even took a little nap in her stroller at the moment I discovered two beautiful swans in the lagoon.  What gorgeous creatures they are.  We walked around for quite a while and I decided to stop in this shady area so she could walk around and explore.  There was this awesome older lady there who started talking to me and she was just amazed and so happy to hear that I'm always taking my daughter on little adventures.  She said, "Most parents are so busy and don't have time to enjoy their children.  Good for you for staying home with her."  She even asked to shake my hand.  Well, she turned out to be a volunteer tour guide and she told me to follow her.  She snuck me into the house and gave me a private tour and told me the whole history of who had lived there.  Fredric Clay Bartlett a famous artist from Chicago lived there for many years with his third wife and it's so cool how whimsical the house is.  There's an open courtyard in the middle that all the rooms lead out to with carousel animals from the 1800's lining the wall outside.  He painted murals on the walls and ceilings and his art studio was amazing.  I was so happy to meet this lovely lady, she was so sweet to take us around because I would have never gone inside the house if it wasn't for her.  I love it when special people enter my life for just a brief moment.  I will definitely never forget her.

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