Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Lately my husband, daughter and I have been "living for the weekend" to spend time together as a family.  So when I heard three day weekend because of good friday, I almost did a cartwheel!  On friday, we drove up to Orlando to see family and right after Rio went to sleep we took advantage of having some help and went out on the town.  We ended up getting sushi and then we went dancing.  We are parents and we love every moment with our little girl, but it feels so go to go out every once in a while to enjoy each other and stay out late.  How important it is for a husband and wife to go and steal moments to remind each other how much love there is between them.  And equally important to have adventures as a couple to keep things exciting!
On Saturday we stole another night for ourselves... we saw fireworks in downtown (now that was a surprise) but really good fourth of July grade fireworks that lasted for at least 15 minutes.  
The Easter Egg Hunt was too cute, seeing Rio crawl all over going from one egg to the next, she looked like a little cherub with her short curly blonde hair and puffy dress.  And yes, she had to bite the head off of the chocolate bunnies she found and I had to dive in to get the chocolate and wrapper out of her mouth.  She was showered with so much love from everyone and I think that was the best part of this whole weekend.  To stand back and see how smart and funny she is and how she interacts with everyone.  I really am such a proud mom and Roberto and I would just look at each other and smile.  Watching as she makes everyone fall head over heels in love with her.  What more could a Mama ask for?

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