Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New Park

There's a new photographer I've been working with recently who has a studio five minutes south of me and every time I've gone there, I noticed a park right next to the building.  So today I took Rio there to walk around.  The park is right on the bay so there are beautiful view of Miami and there was a good mix of people.  I saw two other Mama's there with their babies walking around and then I saw some sketchy people as well.  At one point an ice cream truck drove by and stopped and I saw these two young guys run out of the bushes to buy something and then they walked by me very slowly while I was taking some pictures.  I just gave them a "Don't mess with me"  look.  After a while I saw those same guys again, riding on a red bike with two big wheels in back and they kept whistling but I wouldn't even look at them.  Little punks.  
I wasn't too impressed with this place anyways.  Now I'm on a mission to find a cool new spot for me and Rio to go...

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