Monday, April 19, 2010

The House

Last year my husband and I, with our newborn baby, drove around for months in our neighborhood looking at the houses for sale and wishing we could find the perfect one.  We looked at this one house about four blocks from us that was in foreclosure.  It has over 2000 square feet and it looked like it needed a little TLC.  When we finally saw the inside of it, oh my god, my jaw dropped to the floor.  It looked like the inside of a fetish club.  The walls were all painted black and there were no doors anywhere, to the rooms or bathrooms.  The kitchen was like the kitchen to a restaurant and the master bedroom was on the second floor with these very narrow steep stairs you had to climb up... I was such a baby when I had to climb down, I thought I was going to fall off because there was no railing.  
Thank god we found our house.  
So Rio and I were walking around our neighborhood today and there it was.  The house.  Somebody bought it but it still looks like a wreck and on top of that the house next to it and the house across the street are empty.  The whole street is overgrown with palm leaves and branches covering the sidewalk and street... but it looks eerily beautiful.  
Poor house, I hope whoever bought it puts some love into it.

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